Bloom Where You Are Planted

“Bloom Where You Are Planted” by Joan Y. Edwards

Sometimes, the grass seems greener on the other side. However, that may not be true.

There is a phrase that I think helps us live a little happier on the inside:”Bloom where you are planted.”

Be happy wherever you are. When it rains on your parade, use an umbrella.  When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.

When I taught school, there were days when I thought, maybe there’s another profession that might be better for me. I’m thankful that God helped me to stick it out. The benefits of staying there at that particular spot helped create strength to handle opposition. I taught many students who outdid themselves in learning beyond what anyone thought they could do. I also gained a great a feeling of satisfaction of not giving up.

When you’re unhappy where you are, chances are you’ve misunderstood something. You’re overlooking one or more of your blessings for being there.

Make a list of 10 reasons you are thankful for where you are and who you have become in this place.

List 3 things that disappoint you where you are.

Brainstorm what you could do to make life better for yourself right where you are.

If after listing these things and brainstorming ideas to make your life better, pray about it. Remember that there is no perfect place.  No perfect person.  If you still need a change, perhaps the change you are seeking is within you, not your surroundings. Pray and ask God for direction. He will help you.  You are a child of God. God never ever deserts his children.

Enjoy being you! You are a delightful gift to our world.

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