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Open the Door

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“Open the Door” by Joan Y. Edwards

This is a Lenten reflection that I wrote when Jim Alvarez from St. Matthew Catholic Church asked me to write one about faith.

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“Open the Door:” https://youtu.be/HWwuveeoS3E
Open the Door.
  • God will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1 Corinthians 10:13
  • Don’t be afraid. I am here with you. Isaiah 41:10 
God didn’t promise a life without pain, struggles, and hardships. He said do not be afraid. He will be there with you and give you the strength to get through them.
God heard you crying out for him. God is knock, knock, knocking on your door and ring, ring, ringing your bell.
He will not go away. He comes himself! He stands there now, and waits for you. Open the door of your heart and let him in.
What is Faith? Faith is opening the door and realizing that God is going to be there for you. God personally looks after your needs…all your needs. Especially the ones you fear are not being met right now. God knows what your needs are, from the largest to the smallest item on your list. Open the door.
Swimming in a sea of negativity! God is your life preserver.
Up to your knees in bad end-of-the-world days! God changes your focus.
Unsafe in a world filled with daggers! God covers you with armor. Open the door.
Negative thoughts remind you that you are human…you make mistakes, have accidents, get angry, get sick, feel pain. You love, eat, sleep, and search for happiness! You live in a world filled with other humans.
Faith is trust, assurance and confidence that things are going to get better. Believe that God is going to help you through this stressful situation.
St. Patrick reminds us. God is in you and surrounds you. God is in your heart and the hearts of those who think of you. God is in your mouth and those who speak of you. God is in your eyes and the eyes of those who see you. God is in your ears and in the ears of those who hear you. Arise today through the mighty strength of the Lord of creation and open the door.
Take time to rest. Refocus. Open the door of your heart and take God’s hand. He will listen to you. He will stay with you and walk with you and supply you with the right thoughts, words, resources, and actions needed to help you. Believe and it shall be granted unto you. Ask and you shall receive. Peace will come to you. Open the door. Open the door. Open the door. Amen.


Thank you for reading and/or listening. I hope you enjoyed this devotional and that it helps you realize that God loves you very much.  

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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Expect an Abundance of Everything You Need

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“Expect an Abundance of Everything You Need” by Joan Y. Edwards

Many times in life it doesn’t seem like you have enough of things you believe you need to survive. Sometimes it’s knowledge. Sometimes it’s money. Sometimes it’s things. Other times, it’s courage. All the time love and wisdom.

“Ask and you shall receive.” (John  16:24)

Kendra Cherry shares that psychologist, Carl Rogers, says to look at the stories of people who do amazing things. “When I look at the world I’m pessimistic, but when I look at people I am optimistic.”

Regardless of the facts that you face, it is very important that you expect that you will receive an abundance of what you need.

Your brain wants you to be right. If you say, “Things never work out for me,” guess what! Things will not work out for you many times.

If you say things work out great for me, then things have a better chance of working out than if you say things never work out for you.

There is power in your words, your thoughts, and your actions.

Put it in your plans to receive a good whole car. Why would you ask for a half of a car? So if you need a car, expect a good car to show up. Take action to help that belief materialize.

Save the money and put it in a special money market account so it gets more interest than a regular savings account for a car.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a good bargain when you have enough money to purchase one.

If you have trouble believing good things will happen to you, start by making a list of all the things and people you are thankful for in your life. A spirit of thankfulness brings you more of what you are thankful for.

In her article on the Writers on the Move blog post entitled, “Trick to Help You Start Writing or Finish Writing,Suzanne Lieurance gives many ideas for lists that I believe will help you be more optimistic. Two of them I think will help change your focus: Make a list of things you enjoy doing. Another is make a list of things you want to learn how to do.

What you focus on is what you are going to get. If something bad or sad happened to you, acknowledge it, but revamp your thinking so you don’t spend days and days worrying about it or trying to change something that cannot be changed. Reset your goals. Reset your thoughts to as positive as you can get at that particular time.

Ways to Change Your Mood and Your Mind’s Focus:

1. Pray. Thank you, God. I have an abundance of everything I need today. What I need comes to me from sources known and sources unknown.
2. Watch funny movies or movies with happy endings.
3. Listen to your favorite music.
4. Take a nap.
5. Take a walk.
6. Be thankful and name the different times you have been blessed with what you needed.
7. Make a list of the things you want and need in your life right now.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself *Matthew 6:34


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Please leave a comment. Tell us what helps you get out of a slumpy, dumpy feeling.

Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards, Author
Copyright © 2009-2022 Joan Y. Edwards

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