10 Ways to Less Stress

“10 Ways to Less Stress” by Joan Y. Edwards

1. Get plenty of sleep. Get up on time so you can start the day without panicking or rushing.

2. Pray. Thank God for all the blessings he has given you from the time you were born until the present day. Be thankful for who you are and what you have. Be thankful for the people in your life.

3. Read your main goal aloud. Get excited and see a picture of it coming true.

4. Say “No,” to projects that do not fit into your time schedule or that compromise your mental health. Definitely put a pause on a project or action that is causing you mental anguish. Mental anguish to me means you feel bad if you do it and you feel bad if you don’t. Find something else to do instead.

5. Delegate tasks to capable others. Let them do it their way, as long as the job is done adequately.  For instance, if you want people to fold your towels. Let it be okay, if they fold them over a different way than you do.

6. Sing your favorite song. Listen to music that energizes you.

7. Simplify and get rid of any clutter in your life. Use Feng Shui to bring happy and vibrant energy into your home. Give clothing, furniture, and other items that are no longer used to your favorite charity. They will put these things to good use. Your house will be energized because it is not crowded with things you don’t use. As a man told people on the Oprah show a few years ago, “If a dress you bought last year, still has the tag on it, you can safely give it away.”

8. Don’t procrastinate. Start on it, now. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do the thing and the energy will come to do the thing.” Once you start your chore, the energy, power, and creativity will come from God and his universe to complete the job. Believe it. It will work for you.

9. Leave extra time for getting from place to place. Start 20 minutes earlier than you think you need to get where you’re going. That way you’ll feel relaxed. You’ll drive safer.  You’ll be happy when you arrive on time.

10. Do an easy chore first. The energy and good feeling of accomplishment from the easy one will lead you to start and finish a harder one. Now do a harder chore and follow it with an easy chore. Amazing how this helps you accomplish what seemed to be impossible at first.

I hope this post helps you find a way to reduce stress in your life that works for you.


Author Unknown. “36 Stress Reducers:” http://www.christadelphianbooks.org/agora/art_less/num16.html

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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6 thoughts on “10 Ways to Less Stress”

  1. Great ideas Joan . May I suggest you add Salvation Army for donations or check the charity navigator to find charities that use your goods to help people rather than pay their top employees obscene amounts of money.

  2. A thought about #8. Recently, I reduced and organized my “office area.” I had some decorative boxes I wanted to put on open shelving. Spreading out what I needed to organize helped me to figure it out how to meet my goal. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out how to get started.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thanks for writing and sharing how you set everything out that you wanted to organize. A great way to sort out what you need here and there, or you don’t need at all. Good luck with all the organizing in the future.

      Never Give Up

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