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Fourteen Reasons Why I Like My WordPress Blog

“Fourteen Reasons Why I Like My WordPress Blog” by Joan Y. Edwards

I was going to write you a funny story today. I decided instead to write about the many reasons I like my WordPress blog first.

1. WordPress has a multitude of themes (templates, looks). Most are free. Mine is a free one. You can purchase premium ones.

2. They give absolutely wonderful statistics from day one until the present day.

  •  I can tell how many readers there have been for any blog post for all time, the ones from today, yesterday. last week, last quarter.
  • I can copy them into a blog. It gives a title with an underlined link right to the blog post.

3. People can leave comments without typing in codes. WordPress uses Akismet to check blog posts. Akismet is very accurate. It checks the email addresses to make sure they are accurate. If it has more than one link in it, it knocks it out and puts it into the spam folder. I check mine over that are in the spam folder. Many of the comments are very complimentary, however when I went to email them to thank them, the email address was bogus. If the name at the top and the email address do not match, Akismet knocks it out. What many spammers want is for you to click on their website…they are usually selling something. Some I’ve seen have at least 50 links in the email.

  • You get a chance to approve messages.
  • When commenters, put the name of the person they are writing, and sign their name it insures that the comment gets through to me.  Also if it’s about the subject of the blog, Akismet will allow it. If this person has not been approved by me, it is sent to me for approval by email.

4. Commenters can share the blog post by email, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and others.

5. You can upload pictures into the gallery.

  •  You can insert them into your blog and add captions to them.
  •  You can insert a link where videos or MP3’s can be found. WordPress doesn’t store them on their site.
  • You can add a poll to your blog.

6. You can name categories for your blog posts. I have PubSub,  Marketing, Writing, Health, and others. Readers can search on my blog for blog posts in these different categories.

7. You can put tags (words, phrases, titles, authors) that people might look for in search engines that appears in your blog. When people look for Never Give Up, PubSub, or paint a French Provincial Bed.

8. It has different widgets to add to the blog:

  • Subscribe by email
  • Subscribe by RSS
  • Top posts
  • Last posts
  • Copyright information
  • Links to your other websites, blogs, books, other people’s websites or blogs

9. Each time a person likes your blog, follows your blog, or signs up for email subscription, WordPress sends you an email. You can stop these emails, if you choose.

10. Sometimes WordPress highlights different WordPress blogs. People have clicked on my blog from their listings.

11. You can make your posts private with a password to read it. You can write a post and program it to post at a later date. You can make a post stick to the first page, no matter what.

12. You can add page tabs at the top. People can make comments on them, too. I have About Me, Pub Subbers, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4. You can click on them above the blog.

13. WordPress lets you know when someone mentions your blog posts in their WordPress blog.

14. WordPress gives you statistics on which search engines people came from and websites they clicked from.

There are other reasons why I like WordPress Blogs, but these are the main ones.

Feel free to ask me questions or relate the reasons why you like or dislike your WordPress Blog. If you like Blogger, tell me why you like it.  Everyone has different needs and tastes. Each one of them helps us communicate. They’re all good. Thank you WordPress!

Thanks for reading my blog. I am honored by your presence here.

Do something fun to celebrate you today.
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright ©2012 Joan Y. Edwards