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Ten Reasons to Use LinkedIn

“Ten Reasons to Use LinkedIn” by Joan Y. Edwards

Wikipedia says that by March 2011, LinkedIn had 100 million users worldwide. As of October 2011, LinkedIn had over 14 million students and recent college graduates as members. Now, they have over 225 million users. LinkedIn is a place for job seekers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to network online.

USA TODAY College says joining LinkedIn before graduation can benefit students during their college and professional careers.

Trade publication TechRepublic says LinkedIn has “become the de facto tool for professional networking.

Here are 10 reasons to use LinkedIn:

1. Connect with someone you already know who is on LinkedIn. Don’t ask to join the network of a person you do not know.  I have accepted from people whose names and work I am acquainted with, although I have not met them face-to-face. For instance, people I have interacted with by email or who have subscribed to my blog.

2. Endorse your connections for skills and expertise. You can also add other skills for them. Sometimes others endorse you for skills you hadn’t put on your list.  This is quite an honor.  By seeing the skills listed for you, an employer can check his needs with your skills and request an interview for a job with his company.

3. Design your own profile with a photo for Identification purposes.

4. Upload a resume listing all of your qualifications for a potential job. This will showcase your education, honors and awards, publications, work and community experiences. This can help you find jobs, people and more business opportunities.

5. Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates within LinkedIn.

6. Job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers and discover which of their existing contacts can introduce them.

7. Send private messages to people in your network through LinkedIn.

8. Post links to websites, blogs, and other social media connections.

9. Join different focus groups for organizations, industries or products; for instance, SCBWI, social media, writers, illustrators, kitchen and bath designers, lawyers, plumbers, architects, etc.

10. See events that relate to your job and/or skills and who is going; for instance, conventions,  conferences, seminars, workshops.

11. Regular LinkedIn is free: http://www.linkedin.com/. You can join premium services for a fee.

I hope this article has shown you good reasons to use LinkedIn. Always remember it’s a choice.

Celebrate you today.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards


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