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Image Props for Stories #6: Coffee Maker, Earphones, and a Lamp

“Image Props for Stories #6: A Coffee Maker, Earphones, and a Lamp” by Joan Y. Edwards

Coffee Maker  © 2012 Joan Y. Edwards
Earphones Copyright 2012 Joan Y. Edwards
Lamp Copyright 2012 Joan Y. Edwards

Here are three props to add to one story or use to give more life to your characters in several stories. I hope you enjoy using them.

Here’s a passage from a story that might entice you to use them:

Steve got home from the bar really late. First thing he did when he walked in the door was to brew a fresh cup of strong coffee with all the caffeine. The smell of it filled his nostrils. The telephone on the table beside the lamp rang.

He didn’t answer it. He was too tired to talk.

He sat in the lounge chair on the back porch. One image he couldn’t get out of his mind. What was the matter with him? He felt he needed to help every helpless woman who came into the bar. Perhaps it was time to sell the bar. Maybe he’d go into law enforcement and lock them up.

Could he do both? Be an undercover cop and run the bar at the same time. It sure did sound great to think of that 7 foot bully in the jail house, instead of infuriating him and hurting defenseless women.

Uncle Ted is a police officer in Virginia. He’ll call him and see if they do that kind of thing. He might be on duty. He’s the dispatcher for 911. He gets tired of wearing the earphones and talking through a headset. But he loves helping people. Helping people must run in our family. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? Then why did Steve feel so powerless.

If you’d like to finish my story, feel free to do so. If you want to add a story of your own using these three props, please do so. I’d love to read your work. I hope you see how using props adds interest to a story. Please leave a comment. I enjoy hearing from you.

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