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Joan’s Elder Care Guide Makes a Great Gift for Caregivers


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“Joan’s Elder Care Guide Makes a Great Gift for Caregivers” by Joan Y. Edwards

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of Joan’s Elder Care Guide for yourself or for a caregiver you know. I appreciate it very much. I really want to help caregivers. Many of them don’t know about my book. I’d appreciate it very much if you would tell the caregivers you know about it.
Joan’s Elder Care Guide provides caregivers essential information they need to meet their needs and the needs of those in their care.
Caregivers spend so much time caring for and about their elders, they forget to do things for themselves. Therefore, this book makes a nice gift to remind them to take time for themselves and to help them find the help they need.  
One friend bought the book for herself and put notes in the margins telling things she wanted her caregivers to do if she ever needs that extra boost of care.

Here are 3 excerpts from reviews:
“A compact resource that addresses the typical concerns of those who care for the elderly.”— Kirkus Reviews

All your questions that you didn’t even know you should ask are answered in this book on Elder Care-it’s great!—Barbara Lunow

There is advice for how to handle emotions that are sure to arise and for making sure to provide social outlets for your elder, and so much more. From first deciding the best location for your loved one to the end of life discussions, this book has it all. The book even provides checklists to use and a whole host of resources!—Shawn Simon

Joan’s Elder Care Guide: Empowering You and Your Elder to Survive
I hope it helps you. You can buy It Now!
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Joan’s Elder Care Guide
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