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10 Affirmations to Encourage You

“10 Affirmations to Encourage You” by Joan Y. Edwards

Here are 10 affirmations to encourage and inspire you. Read them aloud every day. Memorize your favorite ones. These words will encourage you. They will help you believe more in yourself. The more you believe them and say them, the more things will happen to prove to you that they are true. Each day you will choose actions to help you reach your dreams. Each day you will believe more in yourself. Change the wording if it isn’t meaningful to you.

  1.  I am a loving person. My love for the world and its people performs an important and necessary service to mankind.
  2. I delete from my mind every unwanted belief that limits me.
  3. The answer I seek is already within me.
  4. I consistently look for ways to do things better which enables me  to reach my life goals easier.
  5. I take time everyday to let go of the past. The past, even one minute ago, does not identify who I am now. That’s who I was. Letting go of the past provides healing for my body.
  6.  I choose to handle difficult experiences with compassion for myself and others.
  7. I maintain a consistent positive energy level when reviewing my progress towards my life goals. I accept myself as I am and others as they are. I relinquish control.
  8. I take time to review my successes and celebrate my accomplishments, especially the small successes.
  9. I focus on the goals and circumstances I want to experience in my life. What I focus on will come…either positive and negative. The kind of energy I send out, leaves room for the same kind of energy to come in. More reason to focus on the positive.
  10. When you want change, the trick to get it is BE HAPPY and GRATEFUL and ACCEPT things as they are. I healing statement is: “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

I hope you realize how wonderful you are. Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for believing in me.

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