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Drinks for Your Main Character

“Drinks for Your Main Character” by Joan Y. Edwards


It’s possible that what your character’s drink is significant to the plot in a crime novel. It might on the surface look like her favorite drink, but it could be tinged with poison.

Lemonade image

Does your main character drink too much of a certain drink that causes him health, relationship, or money problems?

Whiskey Stranahans Tour

Does your character refuse to partake of certain drinks because of their taste, cost, or because of the memories they invoke?

Beer image

Is your main character stranded on a desert and see visions of all the drinks on this page of my blog, yet cannot get a single sip of water?

Does your character have a way of brightening up another character’s day with whipped cream designs in a cup of hot chocolate?

hot chocolate morguefile.com 6981291419476


Does the villain in your book try to romance your protagonist with a high-priced meal and wine! Is she fooled?

Wine in glasses image

Is your main character forced to stay in a rinky-dink hotel and not even have money to get a soda from a soft drink machine?

Pepsi machine
morguefile.com file8281305757473

Does the owner of the motel hear him complain and offer him a cup of coffee free?

Christmas Coffee Mug


Does your main character wake up on the farm? Does he know how to milk the cow to get enough milk for his family for breakfast or will he resort to asking for help?

morguefile Mleko w dzbanku

Did your main character buy strawberries at the store and use them to make smoothies?

Strawberry Smoothie morguefile.com

Oh no, your main character found out she’s allergic to strawberries! Perhaps she can reward herself with a chocolate milk shake instead!

Chocolate Milk Shake Morguefile.com

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed browsing through my story ideas and pictures. Thank you, www.morguefile.com. It is wonderful that they allow us to use these pictures for free.

What is your favorite drink? What will you never drink even if someone paid you a hundred dollars?

Celebrate you.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2014-2019 Joan Y. Edwards

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