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Screenwriter Resources

Great Resources for Screenwriters

“Screenwriter Resources” by Joan Y. Edwards

Many people have asked me how to get a manager or a producer for a screenplay.  It’s very tricky.

Before that step, you write a good script. Below are resources to help you sort through some of the steps for screenwriting and marketing. I hope you find a resource that’s calling your name. One that when you read it, you say to yourself, “Ah, yes. This will help me.”

Copyright Your Script

One thing I learned from a Professional Producer is that before you share your screenplay with a manager or an agent, you should get it copyrighted.

How to Copyright a Script and Four Other Legal Pitfalls to Avoid:” https://www.scriptreaderpro.com/how-to-copyright-a-script-and-four-other-legal-pitfalls-to-avoid/

Screenwriting Books

“Best Screenwriting Books:” https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-screenwriting-books?id=adwbng

I highly recommend “Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder.

Screenwriting Software

Final Draft I like final draft. The software doesn’t crash on me.

WriterDuet  offers a chance to collaborate on a screenplay with others.

“Best Screenwriting Software:” https://technosoups.com/best-screenwriting-software-script-writing-software-review/

Join a Critique Group for Screenwriters or a Writing group with diverse interests across many genres. I don’t have a list. It would probably be better if you could get in a group where you meet in person a few times. Then you could work online. Do what you feel comfortable doing. Protect yourself and your writing.

Screenplay Contests

Moviebytes.com has a great list. You can sign up for their newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest ones https://www.moviebytes.com/best-screenwriting-contests.cfm

“Ten Best Screenwriting Contests:” https://www.scriptreaderpro.com/screenwriting-contests/

Octane Seating. “The Guide to Screenwriting Contests:” https://octaneseating.com/blog/the-guide-to-screenwriting-contests/

“Everything Screenwriters Need to Know about Agents and Managers” https://screencraft.org/2016/05/11/everything-need-know-agents-managers/

How to Copyright a Script and Four Other Legal Pitfalls to Avoid:” https://www.scriptreaderpro.com/how-to-copyright-a-script-and-four-other-legal-pitfalls-to-avoid/

List of Managers for Screenplay writers

Agents for Screenplay Writers (one accepts books, too)

  1. Cedar Grove Agency Entertainment http://www.angelfire.com/movies/cedargrove/ Email: cedargroveagency@msn.com

  2. Evatopia Entertainment Screenwriters http://evatopiaentertainment.com/submissions. Specializes in movie scripts, but also actively seeking: juvenile literature _ middle grade, YA and some nonfiction (mostly biographies).Release agreement – Good to read it. http://evatopiaentertainment.com/release-agreement

  3. Gallagher Literary They use a submission form. http://www.gallagherliterary.com/pitch.html

Other Resources

  1. Newsletter and lessons  Script Reader Pro https://scriptreaderpro.ck.page/0f65e52b47

  2. The Script Lab https://thescriptlab.com/ (Sometimes you get discounts for Final Draft by signing up for the TSL newsletter.

  3. Creative Screenwriting  https://www.creativescreenwriting.com

  4. Script annotation app  for pdf scripts https://scriptation.com/

I hope this page helps you. If you know of resources that have helped you as a screenwriter, please let me know.

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