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Butterflies Are Experts in Adapting to Change

butterflies like oranges.
Butterflies like orange slices.
“Butterflies Are Experts in Adapting to Change” by Joan Y. Edwards
Butterflies are experts in adapting to change. When you and I are going through a difficult change in life, perhaps studying butterflies might help.
You can chase butterflies with a net.  When you catch one, look at it closely, study its beautiful wings, and then let it go. Take a picture with a camera is great, but keeping that vision of the butterfly tucked inside your memory will bring you much joy through life.
You can even raise butterflies. You can order caterpillars for Painted Lady Butterflies from Insect Lore.com.  The caterpillars arrive in a plastic cup with a lid. You and your family and friends can do the following:
1. Watch the caterpillars grow.
Caterpillar stage
Caterpillars eat food and grow longer.
2. When they hang from the lid to change into the chrysalis (pupa/cocoon) stage, carefully move the lid with the chrysalises into the butterfly house (a box or mostly clear netted pavilion) to watch the chrysalis change colors.
Caterpillars hang from lid and change into chrysalis.
Caterpillars hang from lid and change into chrysalis.
3. Seven to ten days later actually witness the butterflies emerge from the chrysalis(pupa/cocoon) stage.
Empty chrysalis and newly emerged butterflies.
Empty chrysalis and newly emerged butterflies.
4. After two or three days, when the butterflies are flying strong in the box or netted pavilion, release these beautiful creatures outside.
Barbara Walker, the lady who helped me for 7 years to take care of my Mother. and I released butterflies over my husband, Carl Edwards grave in 2021. I hope you’ll watch it.
Joan and Barbara release butterflies. 
It is interesting to watch a butterfly go up into the air. Even if butterflies are released only a few minutes apart, they don’t always go in the same direction. Each finds its own path, its own stream of air to move toward the scent that calls them.
Butterflies can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. Sight and taste are their strongest senses.
It takes an extreme amount of energy for each butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis. The butterfly has to get out by itself for its wings to be strong enough to fly.
Sometimes it is difficult to watch others struggle as they work through traumatic troubling things in their lives.
When I asked my sister, Judith, why she didn’t warn me about something, she said, “I wanted you to experience it for yourself.”
Indeed, some things in life you have to go through and experience on your own. But it is comforting when others give you a safe place to get through your struggles with the strength inside you that is a gift from God.
My Grandmother Meyer used to say, “God never gives us more than we can handle. However, sometimes he comes right to the edge.”
Whatever you may be going through today, please know that I am rooting for you. I believe in you. I believe you have the power within you to cope with your problems and emerge triumphant as a new butterfly, beautiful and flutter to your next goal being happy with who you are.
What animals have traits you would like to have? Do any animals offer you a way to protect yourself or inspire you to accomplish your goals?
May God always send you the inspiration to survive!
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