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We Need a Corona Virus Disposal

Sink opening of Garbage Disposal

Imagine you’re seeing: Corona Virus Disposal – Model COVID 19

“We Need a Corona Virus Disposal” by Joan Y. Edwards

A garbage disposal is a machine that is primarily used to shred food waste into super small pieces that won’t clog pipes.

Wow! I think you will agree that a Corona Virus Disposal would come in handy and a great aid to good health. A disposal that will shred the molecules of the virus into pieces so small they won’t harm anyone. They will disintegrate into the atmosphere! They wouldn’t attack anyone’s immune system.

That is not likely to happen. However, I believe that Social Distancing and wearing face masks act as a preventative.


Thank you, Pixabay for the image of the blender.

What about a blender that will smooth out dangerous  situations? This blender would contain one part forgiveness, one part hurt, and  one part love, and one part kindness. It will smooth out relationships, calm emotions, and leave a feeling of peace.

God gives us protection from illnesses. He also gives us the wisdom to protect ourselves by staying out of harm’s way as much as we can.

If God is ready for you and me, he doesn’t need COVID-19 to take us. Live believing that even with the COVID-19 virus around, if God is not ready for you, you will survive it. You will live to fulfill his purpose for you in this world.

I believe that the Scientists will discover a vaccine to protect us. They are working hard.

Thank you, Pisabay, for letting me use this image.

I am especially thankful for those who go out of their way every day to help others in spite of their fears of getting COVID-19 themselves.

There are many people who are facing their fears of COVID-19 and working to help others in ambulances, fire trucks, hospitals, doctor’s offices, rehab centers, senior living facilities, dentist offices, grocery stories, pharmacies, gas stations, painters, lawn  services, window washers, hair stylists, ministers, priest, restaurant workers, grocery shoppers and delivery, delivery services from restaurants. Please add the people in your mind who have done things for you!

Respecting yourself and caring about others is a wonderful ability! Thank you for all you do to help keep yourself and your family and friends, and the people who live in your community safe.

God is smiling on you! He will give you the graces you need to survive!

Please leave a comment telling me how you keep your cool and the the people you are grateful for during these troubling times.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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