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Essentials of Science Fiction

Essentials of Science Fiction

“Essentials of Science Fiction”  by Joan Y. Edwards

In writing a time travel novel, I’ve been studying to figure out what essential pieces of science fiction. This is what I’ve learned so far. Please add any essentials you’ve discovered in this genre in the comments.

  1. What if – What if a certain science experiment was done or technological invention was created? It depends on your personal preferences whether the experiment or invention is plausible.
  2. Impact – How would this experiment or invention impact the human race, specific individuals
  3. Setting – Time, Culture, Place, Environment.

Often science fiction takes place in the far future. However, it could take place in the past or near future.

An author can narrate straight through from the beginning to the middle and go to the end.  He/she can also start near the end and back to the beginning and come back to the present. 

Science fiction novels that take place in the near future can fill readers with greater fear and trepidation than those 10,000 years into the future. It seems more plausible and therefore puts the readers facing the problems themselves in a real situation.

Here are my favorite Science Fiction Movies:
Star Wars
E.T. Extra Terrestial

Please let me know your favorite Science-Fiction books or movies. I listed 9 resources for you!


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