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11 Ways to Have Fun Doing What You Gotta Do!

have fun working
11 Ways to Have Fun Doing What You Gotta Do

11 Ways to Have Fun Doing What You Gotta Do

“11 Ways to Have Fun Doing What You Gotta Do!” by Joan Y. Edwards

What is fun? Enjoyment, Amusement, or Light-Hearted Pleasure!

Fun varies from person to person. Everyone has his own idea of fun!

Mary Poppins says, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

What makes your work easier to swallow?

  1. Good thoughts about you?

  2. Good music to listen to?

  3. Work disguised as play?.

  4. Recognition for a job well done?.

  5. Prefer working alone or with someone?

Here are 11 ideas to have fun doing what you gotta do and getting those things finished:

  1. Reward yourself when you finish a step. Do a big reward when the whole things is finished.

  2. Time Yourself. Work 30 minutes  to an hour straight. Then take a break. Go outside, no matter whether it is hot or cold. Look at the clouds in the sky. Look for something that makes you smile. Then go back in. Get a drink of water.  Stop to tell someone they are doing a good job on your way back.

  3. Play music in a headset or ask head of office to play the favorite song of each employee one day a month, make sure no one gets left out. Suggest your own.

  4. Dress like you think someone should dress when they are doing what you do or dress the opposite way. If you’re a plumber, dress up to go on a house call.  If you’re a nurse, dress like a bunny.. You can always change your attire.  If it makes you laugh and others smile, it’s done its job. Then you’ll be lighthearted and be able to accomplish your chore.

  5. Take frequent breaks to talk with someone. Call them on the phone or find someone to speak with in the breakroom.

  6. Read and say aloud three (3) positive statements about yourself in the morning, at lunch, after supper, and at bedtime.

  7. Take a deep breath through your nose. Count to five. Exhale through your mouth. Smile. Do this three times.

  8. Ask God to help you complete the task awaiting completion.

  9. Walk. Walk around the block. Walk around your house. Drive to the mall and walk around. Walking will help you solve a few problems in your mind.

  10.  Get plenty of sleep. Keep a list of all you accomplished and 3 things need to be done. And when you want them finished. Write a list on paper or use an app called “Tick Tick.” You can set your to do list. Which day you want to finish it. You can click on it when it is finished.

  11. Find a way to laugh at yourself. It is through accepting yourself as you are that you are able to change and become better.


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Thank you for reading my blog. I hope these ideas help you think of ideas that help you have fun doing what you gotta do!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author

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Be Excited Each Day to Work on Your Goals

“Be Excited Each Day to Work on Your Goals,” by Joan Y. Edwards

Be Excited Each Day to Work on Your Goals
Check your progress every month.
Today’s Sunday, October 25, 2020.
Almost the end of the month.
List your accomplishments this month.
  1. What gave you joy this month?
  2. What you want to do more of next month?
  3. What did you feel so strong about that you did it every day?
  4. What are your long term goals?
    • Did you do anything towards them this month?
    • If so, Yay!
    • If not, why not? What was your excuse? Knock that excuse off the table.
Do at least one thing – take a tiny step toward your goal every day!!! There is no excuse for not taking action steps towards your goal. Be excited that you are alive and can take steps towards your goal. Say to yourself: I can do this.
You owe it to yourself!
You will make it.
Keep on believing in you and be excited to work on each step even if it’s scary. Courage is doing something even if it scares you.
Reward yourself after you take action. It is important and sets you up for success in accomplishing your dreams. Your reward can be as simple as a cup of hot coffee or a walk outdoors for 10 minutes. You decide.
They say it helps us keep our promises to ourselves if we tell someone what we are going to do. Feel free to tell your best friend what you are going to do. That will help you keep your promise.  They can encourage you on the way.
You can also share your goal plans with me in the comment area. or by email: joanyedwards1@gmail.com.
Hearing from you makes me smile.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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