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How to Draw in Two-Point Perspective

“How to Draw in Two-Point Perspective” by Joan Y. Edwards

Two-point perspective has two vanishing point lines heading out from one particular corner spot in an image. Usually at the top and bottom of a vertical line that juts out.

I found several pictures on Pixabay that might help you understand a little better about it. If a building juts out towards you, with lines going out from it in two other directions, it probably is in two-point perspective.

Also, if you’re looking at a room, where you can only see one corner of a room in the distance and two walls jutting at an angle from it, it probably is a two-point perspective.

Here are five images to help you understand.

Image Examples of Two-Point Perspective:

In Two-Point Perspective, the points may be towards you.

In two-point perspective, the point can be towards you.
In  two-point perspective the Point can be towards you.

In Two-Point Perspective, the points may be away from you.

In two-point perspective, the point can be away from you.


In two-point perspective, the point can be away from you.

Steps to Drawing a Building in Two-Point Perspective

  1. Draw your horizon line straight across the page.
  2. Draw two points about a half-inch from the edge of the paper: one on the left side of the horizon line and another on the right side of the horizon line. These are your two vanishing points. All diagonal lines will go through one of these points. I discovered that if I make each dot an X then, it was easier to find and easier to line up with it.
  3. Draw the middle line that juts out towards you.
  4. Draw a line from top of the jut line to the left vanishing point.
  5. Draw a line from the bottom of the jut line to the left vanishing point.
  6. Draw a line from the bottom of the jut line to the right vanishing point.
  7. Draw a line from the bottom of the jut line to the left vanishing point.

Here are two images I drew for you in two-point perspective.
The first is a sketch of a laundry room. This time the jut line is away from you. I hope you can tell what the items are. If you can’t, just write me a little note and ask.

Illustration of two-point perspective – Laundry Room Copyright 2017-2019 Joan Y. Edwards

The second illustration is also one of two-point perspective. This time the jut line is facing you. I drew a part of a city, I only drew two buildings so that I wouldn’t cover up the original two vanishing points. I made the image in the blog especially big, so that you might be able to see the red X’s for the vanishing points.

Illustration of two point perspective – City buildings and park Copyright 2017 Joan Y. Edwards

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog. I hope you’ll try doing two-point perspective or draw for the adventure of doing it. Just to think that I started out with a horizon line and 2 vanishing points on each end. Simply amazing to me. One of the reasons, I’ve been working on perspective is so I’ll be able to make the illustrations better for my chapter book, Larry, the Terrifying Turkey.

I guess you noticed that sometimes one or both of the vanishing points can act like the single vanishing point. Things tend to get smaller in the distance. On city streets, you might need more than two points of perspective.I hope you will leave me a note. I love hearing from the people who read my blog. I’d be honored if you would share it with others on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

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