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God Fills You and Surrounds You, Your Family and Friends with His Love

man sitting at table with his little daughter
Thank you, Daniela Dimitrova and Pixabay for allowing me to use this photo of a man and his daughter.
“God Fills You and Surrounds You, Your Family and Friends with His Love” by Joan Y. Edwards

Here is a devotional I wrote as a Lenten devotional for my parish, St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC. Thank you to Jim Alvarez who asked me to do a devotional on family and recorded it for me. You can listen to it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/3H9v1xbtnxA

God is in you. God created you in his image. He shared a part of himself with you when he made you. He shared his loving qualities with you, your family, and close friends.
God is in your family: your birth parents; those who raised you; those who grew up in the same house with you. He shared his loving qualities with your family. If your original family members do not furnish all your needs, God grows your family. He puts people in your life to meet your needs.
two friends with lollipops
Thank you Andi Graf and Pixabay for allowing me to use this photo of two friends.
God is in your friends. Like a magnet, God sends people to be your friends. People with common interests, similar values, experiences, and beliefs. People with whom you feel comfortable. With friends, you spend quality time talking, eating, playing games, and sometimes traveling together to learn your similarities and differences. Some friends are with you for a short season; others are there for a lifetime. These you may consider your close friends.
God is your close friend. God is in each of your close friends. Close friends are like family. They stand by your side. They love and accept you as you are. They tolerate your weaknesses and quirks, like the way you eat sloppy dishes or wear mismatched clothing. They protect you. They provide emotional and spiritual support. They help you acquire wisdom, understanding, and compassion. They are there for you. They not only understand what you say, but interpret your body language accurately. They may be willing to sacrifice time, self, or personal pleasures to help you. Those are Godly attributes. Those are the loving qualities of our God.
Even though you may not talk to your close friends every day, you communicate often. You understand and respect each other. You honor each other’s boundaries. You allow each other to be different, yet consider each other equal. You do things alone and with each other. After a long absence, you pick up right where you left off. You have a strong mutual feeling of trust, loyalty and support. You can see things from each other’s perspective. You walk in each other’s shoes with kindness and understanding. When appropriate, you share guidance and advice. You tell each other the truth, even when it hurts. You may argue and disagree, but you always forgive each other and never hold a grudge. These are the loving qualities of our God.
Life is full of twists and turns. When things go wrong or change, your family members and close friends who are able to adjust to the new conditions stay by your side. They love, honor, and respect you. God is there in you, your family, and your friends. God fills you and surrounds you, your family and friends with his love. Amen.

I hope you enjoyed listening and reading these words. Remember: God Fills You and Surrounds You, Your Family and Friends with His Love!

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Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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