Here Is a New Remote Control to Set Your Mood


Remote Control

“Here Is a New Remote Control to Set Your Mood” by Joan Y. Edwards

Here is a new Remote Control to Set Your Mood. Just hit the button for the mood you want to create:


Want to feel angry, but quite afraid of what you’ll do if you face the fact that you’re really ticked off, hit button number 1.

2. Resentment

People have bugged you for days about something. You can’t forgive them. That would be too easy.  So if you want to send daggers to others and also send daggers to you for at least 12 months, hit button number 2.

3. Acceptance

Want to be able to accept things as they are. Want to say, “It is what it is.” “That’s the way the ball bounces.” “That’s the way the mop flops.” Hi button number 3.

4. Joyfulness

Want to be happy and full of excitement, hit button number 4.

5. Fear

Want to be afraid, hit button number 5.

6. Love

Want to be able to love all the people and events, and situations that bug you, all the people who just hit your last nerve, hit number 6.

7. Courageous

Want to be able to have the nerve to try new things or stand up for yourself or others, hit number 7.

8. Surprise

Want to be surprised, feel wonder, astonishment, or amazement, as at something unanticipated., hit number 8.

9. Lust

Want to want what you can’t have. FOOD, MONEY, CONTROL. Want an abundance of what you can’t have. Even after you’ve had enough, you want more, more, more, hit button 9.

10. Peace

Want to feel at peace with yourself and everyone and everything in your life, hit number 10.

11. Grief

Want to be sad, cry, or feel sorrow any time of day for no reason at all or for thousands of reasons at one time, hit 11.

12. Apathy

Want not to care one way or the other what happens to you or anyone else in the world, hit number 12.

13. Disgust

Want to feel profound disapproval of yourself or someone else, hit number 13.

14. Awe

Want to feel a great respect for someone or something, hit 14.

15. Laughter

Want to enjoy the healing effects of the physical act of laughing which is a cure for confusion and sadness, hit 15.

16. Compassion

Want to show compassion and do something to lessen your own or another’s suffering, pain, and sorrow, hit 16.

17. Distress

Want to feel hunger or discomfort over every little thing and each big thing that happens to you or around you, hit button 17.

18. Hatred

Want to feel hatred toward yourself or someone else or a group of people, for good reason or for some reason with no true basis at all, hit 18.

19. Satisfaction

Want to feel satisfied with yourself or others in jobs or the way you or someone else handled a situation, hit number 19.

20. Pride

Want to feel proud of joy be proud of your accomplishments and increase the value of who you are, the group you are a member of, and realize the powers you have to do good, hit 20.

21. Forgiveness

Want to forgive yourself or someone else for something they have done wrong, and have the peace cover them and you, hit 21.

If you want to feel more than one emotion at a time, hit the first number, then hit the + sign and punch in the next number.

If you don’t have this particular model of remote control, you can use the one for your television set. Check the batteries. Make sure they are good.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope I gave you a chuckle.  That was my intention. I needed a chuckle myself. I hope that chuckling is contagious and you catch it, too.

Punch a number to give your characters one of these remotes and see their moods activate in front of you.

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It’s an honor to have you as a reader. I treasure your comments. I hope you’ll tell me what you would like for your remote control to do for you.

Laugh your way to success.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2012-2019 Joan Y. Edwards

4 thoughts on “Here Is a New Remote Control to Set Your Mood”

    1. Dear Carole,
      I’m glad you thought this post was fun. Boy, you have been busy feeling very emotional and having your characters feel the full gamot of of possible moods! I’d much prefer the characters to feel some of them than me. Joyfulness, I rejoice in feeling any time of day! I feel joyful when you write me. Thank you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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