Happy New Year 2022

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“Happy New Year 2022” by Joan Y. Edwards

Happy New Year 2022!
I welcome you with open arms!

Each day is a test.
Get your rest.

Each day has surprises!
Be amazed.

Each day you grow stronger!
Embrace your strengths.

Do something new each day!
Learning gives you power.

Forgive yourself and others.
It empowers you to receive patience, compassion, and understanding.

Do something small for your friends,
It will be grow big in their hearts.

Pray for each stranger you meet.
Prayers heal places where hurt dwells.

At the end of each day, be thankful.
Thankfulness gives you more of everything you need!

… Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright December 31, 2019 Joan Y. Edwards

Dear Reader,

I wrote this New Year’s Eve  2019, it still seems appropriate for 2022!  So I changed the 2019 to 2022.

I wish you an abundance of good things, amazing accomplishments, great health, wealth, and happiness!

Thanks for reading my blog.

I plan to update the plans to help writers get ready to submit their manuscripts or screenplays. I am hoping to make other changes to help you,


Joan Y. Edwards

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12 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2022”

  1. Thanks Joan,
    very similar wording to the poem Desiderata, I expect you have heard or read it. If not, look on YouTube under the name and listen to the song. It is very inspiring.

    Your words are very inspiring, but in the modern world we sometimes forget and end up wrapped in our bubble. Striving for success and all the trappings that brings, does not necessarily bring happiness.

    One philosopher said, happiness emanates from within, not from outside you.

    Also your words carry with them part of the lords prayer. Sometimes we could all do with sitting down and saying a thank you.

    Thanks again Joan, and a happy new year to you and all your readers.


    1. Dear David,
      Thank you very much for writing. You are a wise man. You share great words of wisdom with me and others. I had never read Desiderata. I read it online. I am honored that you believe my poem has similar meanings.

      It’s amazing to me that so much of the world fights because of our differences when we are all so similar in many ways. Thanks for always being a positive influence on me and others around you.

      Never Give Up

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