Crossword Puzzles for Children’s Liturgy

Crossword Puzzle Books with Mini-Devotionals for Year A, B, and C

“Crossword Puzzles for Children’s Liturgy” by Joan Y. Edwards

I created three crossword puzzle books for Children’s Liturgy, all of these crossword puzzle books use words from the Gospels for Sundays or feast days.  Each puzzle has a devotional related to the Gospel to remind children of God’s love for them.
Besides being great for  Children’s Liturgy, they are also wonderful for Children’s Church, Sunday School, and Home Bible Study. You can print out copies to share with your classes and your family.
The year 2021 is year B.  Each new year begins with the first Sunday of Advent.

What’s Inside?

Below are links to the inside of each book with the table of contents and the first puzzle in each book.

Below are links to table of contents and sample puzzle for each book.

In the shop you’ll find for these crossword puzzle books for the regular price of $5.36 each: 
80 Gospel-Based Crossword Puzzles for Year A – PDF Edition
80 Gospel-Based Crossword Puzzles for Year B – PDF Edition
80 Gospel-Based Crossword Puzzles for Year C – PDF Edition

About the Shop

The Shop takes you to the PayPal site to enter your payment information. What I save on my site is your name, email address, purchase. You download the file from my website after your purchase. If you have any problems during the purchase, please email me at

Free Crossword Puzzle for You

Here’s a free crossword puzzle you can download right now. It is from the Memorial Mass for St. Anthony of Padua. The mini-devotional tells how St. Anthony preached to the fish. St. Anthony helps people find things they have lost.

Free Puzzle Listen to the Word of God, St. Anthony Crossword Puzzle with Mini-Devotional

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6 thoughts on “Crossword Puzzles for Children’s Liturgy”

  1. Hi Joan,

    for those attending catholic schools and being brought up in a catholic family, they will be good fun for the kids.

    1. Dear David,
      Thank you for writing and telling me that these puzzles will be good fun for the kids! I enjoy working crossword puzzles myself.
      You are a good friend. Thanks for encouraging me.

      Never Give Up

  2. Joan, I LOVE your crossword puzzles, and my Sunday Schoool kids used to beg for more of your puzzles! These are a gold mine and a treasure!

    1. Dear Pam,
      Thank you for writing. I am glad that you love my crossword puzzles and that your Sunday School kids begged for more of my puzzles. How sweet! I wish I could have met you and your students in person! That would have been fun for me!

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thank you for writing. Thanks for being proud of me for making my puzzles available for sale! You are a wonderful friend and cheerleader!
      Love You
      Never Give Up

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