The Mystery: Achievements in 2020; Goals for 2021

Joan Y. Edwards, Mysterious and Funny

The mystery is revealed today. I am sharing with you the goals I accomplished in 2020 and the goals I’ve set for 2021. I thought today would be a good day to do that and to ask you what your goals are.

Six writing and marketing goals I accomplished in 2020:

  1. I became a certified Scriptreader. For $75.00 I will do a line-by-line edit of your script and give you a scoresheet with reasons for your score with a possible score of 100.
  2. I set up a shop to sell my crossword and wordsearch books right here on my website. They are inexpensive: only $5.36 each.
  3. I published 3 pdf crossword puzzle books: 80 Crossword Puzzles for Year A, B, and C.
  4. I published  3 pdf wordsearch puzzle books: 80 Wordsearch Puzzles for Year A, B, and C.
  5. I passed a million readers on my blog. Right now I have 1,124,717.
  6. I celebrated 11 years of writing on my blog as of October 9, 2009.

My writing, marketing, and life goals for 2021:

  1. Finish illustrations and self-publish chapter book, Larry the Terrifying Turkey.
  2. Add ebook of Flip Flap Floodle to my shop.
  3. Finish formatting Screenplay: The Perfect Couple and enter it into a Screenplay Contest in February, 2021.
  4. Finish rewriting my screenplay Against the Odds as a stage play and enter it into a Stage Play contest in June 2021.
  5. Finish my novel, Caesar and Cleopatra and other works.
  6. Pass 2 million readers on my blog. I have 1,124,7171.
  7. Pass 300 Subscribers to my blog. I have 235 now.
  8. Be thankful and have fun each day being the person God created me to be. Help and inspire others to believe in themselves with unwavering faith and to remind them to have fun being the person God created them to be.

I plan to exercise, eat right, and get physical checkups. Wear a mask, stay safe distances away in public. When available for me, choose the vaccine I believe will be best for me. Pray for others, especially those who like me have lost someone they love in 2020.

What about you? Believe in Yourself with Unwavering Faith. What are your goals for 2021? You don’t have to share them with me.

  1. Goals for your writing, illustrating, or other endeavors:
  2. Health
  3. Your connection with your creator. Be ever thankful for your life.
  4. Your connection with your family and friends – Connect in ways that are safe for you: online, zoom, email, phone call, or in person. Tell them you love them often. Every time you talk to them.

Please leave a comment. You make me smile.

Thank you, Pixabay. Smile.

If there’s a topic you’d like for me to write about on my blog, please let me know.

Believe in Yourself with Unwavering Faith
Celebrate Each Step You Take
Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © 2009-2021 Joan Y. Edwards

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11 thoughts on “The Mystery: Achievements in 2020; Goals for 2021”

    1. Dear Carol,
      Thank you for writing. Thanks for celebrating my goals met this year! I’m hoping and praying that your dream of getting an agent happens for you in 2021.You’ve worked a long time on your “Half-Truths,” it deserves to be seen and heard by the world.

      Never Give Up
      Believe with unwavering faith

    1. Dear Melanie,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for celebrating with me for the goals I achieved in 2020. Thanks for asking me to let y’all do when I tick each one off my list. That’s a great idea! Thanks for helping to inspire me to keep on going. I hope you get your next “It Happened in Perce Rock” novel ready for the press. I know it’s coming close to the finish line. I love reading your stories. Love you.

      Never Give Up
      Believe in you with unwavering faith

  1. Thank you Joan for your blog and achievements. You have certainly moved on with your life. I am so happy for you.
    For me I have been painting more landscapes and seascapes.
    Unfortunately writing has come to a halt. But will start again soon.
    Thank you for the inspiration.


    1. Dear David,
      Thank you very much for writing. Thank you for your compassion and understanding in helping me mourn for Carl and believe in myself. Thank you for the many years you were a policeman and met danger in the face to protect people in your community. Thanks for cheering me on. I love your painting both landscapes and seascapes. Like me with illustrating my book, sometimes things get stuck in motion and in time, energy, and inspiration will move on. I hope that happens with your writing. You are getting experiences to unfold in your next story.

      Never Give Up
      Believe in yourself with unwavering faith

  2. Dear Joan,

    You accomplished a lot of goals and were a terrific caregiver for Carl when he needed you so much.

    Your post is very inspiring. I may set some goals for home improvements I’d like to hire done. I have two major ones in mind: Electrical and roofing. I am hoping we don’t need to re-roof, but we do have some trouble spots. As for health goals, I am doing my best to meet the range of motion goals set my my surgeon after my total knee replacement. I’m faithful to my PT and home exercises. I trust the Lord in all this. Once I’ve had my COVID-19 vaccination, I’d like to travel to see family. It’s been too long! I also aim to keep in touch with family and friends through phone calls, emails and texts. Lots to look forward to.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thanks for writing and sharing your goals and hopes for 2021. What is amazing about writing goals down is that many times they come true! Once you make the decision to do something, then the doors open to make it possible and for you to seize the moment to make it happen in the way you believe is correct in your situation. I hope that all of your goals for 2021 happen and especially that you get the vaccine and get to visit with your family. I know that will fill a void in your heart that aches for seeing the eyes of those you love in person. Please let me know how this goes. Love you.

      Never Give Up
      Believe in you with unwavering faith

    1. Dear Billy,
      Thanks for writing and sharing your goals for 2021. I hope along with you that COVID goes away and that you are ready for the screenplay contests and that you win. Love you!

      Never Give Up
      Believe in yourself with unwavering faith

  3. Happy New Year, Joan! I love your goals for 2021. 🙂 One writing goal I have for 2021 is to complete the rough draft of my book about accepting people with differences. The working title is “It’s Okay to be Different.”

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