Watch the Hands of People When They Talk

“Watch the Hands of People When They Talk” by Joan Y. Edwards

Have you ever watched how people use their hands when they talk?
When people talk, many of them move their hands in rhythm to what they are saying. Mother used to do that. When she walked with her cane, we had to stay our distance or be hit with the cane.
Italians are noted for talking with their hands. Their hands move to emphasize their words. Watch the woman on the right in the following video saying English words uses her hands to make a point:

  • Motivational speakers and preachers use their hands for emphasis. The movement of the hands can show different emotions. Perhaps you can make your own list of descriptions for the emotions shown in the manuscript you are writing at present.

Most of the pictures in the Westside Toastmasters link shows a use of the fingers or hands and hidden meanings of this body language:

When people get angry, what do they do with their hands? They clinch their fists. They raise their arms and hands up high and slam them down on something. Visualize in your mind what you or others you’ve witnessed do with their hands when they get angry. Use these descriptions in your manuscripts to show one of your character’s displaying anger. It works better than telling.

Many of these pictures show meanings of body language. There’s one section about hand signals.

There is a whole language using hands. A universal sign language. Here’s a video with  Melissa from Expert Village teaching you to say words: TV, ball, candy, play, yes, no, and jacket in sign language .

Here are 100 common words in sign language from on You-Tube by Dr, Bill Vicars:

Fascinating! Speaking and understanding sign language is a gift.
Good luck with your writing.

Another Resource:

“Teaching Social Skills in Language Arts, Body Language:”

Here’s another blogpost in my Watch series: “Watch How People Talk:”


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  1. Hi Joan,
    You’ve got a series going.
    I liked listening and watching the foreign language link. It was smart to include hands delivering the message. Writers and illustrators need to be very observant of body language. Thanks for reminding us.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thanks for writing. I am blessed to have you as one of my loyal followers. I agree with you that it was smart to include hand motions in delivering the message on the foreign language link. It is a fact that many of our characters and situations are derived from our personal experiences. I believe that we will get better at it by intentionally searching for body language to insert into our manuscripts.I’m glad you like the series.
      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards.

  2. Dear Carol,
    Thank you for being a loyal subscriber. I appreciate you leaving comments to let me know your opinion of what I write. I’m glad you liked the body language one. I thought the pictures helped me understand what people might do when they were using those gestures.
    Celebrate you
    Never Give Up

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