Thank You Gives Power and Energy – 30 Ways to Show You’re Thankful


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“Thank You Gives Power and Energy – 30 Ways to Show You’re Thankful”
The words, “Thank you” give amazing energy to both the person saying it and the person being thanked. When another person thanks you, it fills your heart and soul with joy. What is even better is that the person who says “Thank you” receives energy, too.
Gratitude has the power to change your energy from negative to positive.  It changes your focus from sadness to joy. It changes your focus to things that give you energy.
Doing things without needing someone to say thank you is a blessing. Many times when you do something to help others, good things happen to you in return. They call it “Good Karma.”
Gratitude opens the door to receive more of the things, ideas, and people you appreciate.
Try it. You’ll like it. Does it seem true to you? Does it energize you when you say “Thank you.”
Does it energize you when someone says “Thank You” to you?
Here are 30 ways that people can say or express thank you. I know there are many more ways. Feel free to tell me your favorite ways in the comment area.

  1. Pray for the person you are thankful for.
  2. Say the words, “Thank you” in person.
  3. Send a thank you card in snail mail.
  4. Send an email thank you note.
  5. Call on the phone to say thank you.
  6. Send flowers to say thank you.
  7. Give a hug to say thank you.
  8. Give a kiss to say thank you.
  9. Treat you to a meal to say thank you.
  10. Treat you to a drink to say thank you.
  11. Treat you to a dessert to say thank you.
  12. Give you a gift card to say thank you.
  13. Give you a free all expenses paid vacation to say thank you.
  14. Plant a flower or a tree to say thank you.
  15. Organize a party to say thank you.
  16. Give you cash money to say thank you.
  17. Give a speech to say thank you.
  18. Place an ad in a newspaper to say thank you.
  19. Cook you a favorite dinner to say thank you.
  20. Treat you to a movie to say thank you.
  21. Buy you new clothing to say thank you.
  22. Have the local news say thank you on television.
  23. Have a highway billboard say thank you.
  24. Treat you to a manicure, pedicure, and/or massage to say thank you.
  25. Shake your hand to say thank you.
  26. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or other Social Media that you are thankful.
  27. Smile to say thank you.
  28. Cry tears of joy to say thank you.
  29. Shout out loud thank you.
  30. Sing a song to say thank you.
  31. Dance to say thank you.


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4 thoughts on “Thank You Gives Power and Energy – 30 Ways to Show You’re Thankful”

  1. Hi Joan,
    Thanks goes both ways! Thank goodness for giving thanks!
    A comment on #4–
    As a writer, one of the best gifts from a writing group member is a critique. There is no monetary payment, although there is an exchange of services. A thank you goes a long ways. Stating the writer’s strengths is encouraging. Pointing out what needs work is helpful. I am very thankful for my online critique group. It’s important for me to let them know.

    1. Dear Linda Andersen,
      Thank you for writing. Yes, you are right. Thanks goes both ways. A critique is definitely a gift from a writing group member. Doing the critique also gives the person doing the critique lessons in how to improve their own writing. It definitely is wonderful to hear a thank you after we do critiques. It’s also good to thank the person for sharing his work with us.
      Ever onward with your great writing, Linda.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Linda Phillips,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad you believe this is a wonderful reminder to say thank you. I hope the ideas spark easy, meaningful ways to say thank you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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