Think in Abundance

“Think in Abundance” by Joan Y. Edwards

People who lived through the crash of the stock market in 1929 had to overcome a big period of time when there seemingly wasn’t enough. My mother struggled with this belief that was passed down by her parents. In turn I inherited a little of this belief myself. It was not until I was 47 years old that I realized that I had surrounded everything around me with negatives. There wasn’t enough of anything for me. Blaming others for my situation didn’t help calm me down on the inside. Blaming myself for the situation wasn’t much better. When I stopped looking for someone to blame (myself or others) and searched for the solution, I discovered that I had to change my thinking. It wasn’t necessarily what I was doing that was wrong. It was the thinking in my mind that had become cluttered with experiences that were so negative that I didn’t know if I could live any more. How did I get from being a positive thinker to a negative thinker? It doesn’t really matter. The solution I felt was in finding a way to fill myself with positive thoughts.

Why look for a job when you think there’s no way you can get one?

Why try to pay your bills when you say you never have the money to pay them?

Why have a child when you think you won’t have the money to raise her or him?

These thoughts are self-defeating. Choose your thoughts every day. Surround yourself with a positive spin to what’s happening to you. Otherwise, death will come sooner than you think, only because of your thoughts.

“I never have enough money to pay my bills.”

“I have just enough money to pay my bills.”

“I have enough money to pay my bills plus $20.00 to put in savings.”

“I have enough money to pay my bills, plus $20.00 to put in savings, plus $20.00 to give as a gift to anyone I want to share my money with.

The statements that go through your mind on a consistent basis are your belief system. They can be changed. You can change them. Visualize yourself with an abundance of money for whatever you want or need. Hear yourself saying, “I have an abundance of money for all my wants and needs.” Remember the sensations when you touch the pay check or the money you earn from the sales you make. Say “I can feel the things that my money buys for me: my house, my clothing, my transportation, my vacation. I share with others through my church or favorite charity. When I’m a good steward with my money, God rewards me with more money.”

“If I share my money, I won’t have enough left.” If these are your thoughts, change your thinking. “I have an abundance of money to pay my just debts and to share with others.” Don’t share money unless you have paid your bills first.  Pay all your bills first. That’s being a good steward with your money.

I got into too much debt one time. It did not feel good at all. I used credit cards. I based paying the credit cards on both my first husband’s and my salary. NOT a good plan. If one of you loses a job, there goes your payment plan right out the window. I didn’t realize what keeping a balance on my credit card was doing to me. I was avoiding saying “No” to myself or my family for things that weren’t needed. I charged them.

My older daughter, Lorrie, was amazed when her college roommate paid off the balance she owed the credit card company. Lorrie said, “Do you mean they’ll let you do that? They’ll let you pay it off in full when the first payment is due?” Her roommate told her, “Yes.” It changed her whole way of thinking. Lorrie loves to save money. She has saved oodles of money by paying off the whole balance on her credit card when her first payment is due. You can, too.

Credit Card Companies may have this mantra: They may be saying: Our customers owe us more money than they can pay off on the first month. We want them to pay us interest. We want our customers to always owe us money.  That’s how we make money. We’ll raise their credit so they can owe us more money.” Actually, credit card companies provide a great service for us. If you use it as a crutch and never get it paid off, it can disable you financially. Low and behold, it has also turned the tables on the financial institutions because so many people have not been able to pay their just debts. The whole system has gone defunct.  The United States Government owes way too much money – more than they can possibly pay when the next payment comes due. Other countries are running in that same circle, not good. You can’t change everybody. You can’t change other people. However, you can change your beliefs.

I believe that the credit card idea came from the Company Store.  People worked in the mines. They needed items for their families to survive. They mining company set up a company store where their workers could purchase groceries, clothing, household items. etc.  If they didn’t have the money, the Company Store would let them have it on credit…they would take what they owed out of their next pay check.  This made the workers even more dependent upon the company. The thinking starts going in a circle and keeps empowering it to stay within those boundaries. Stopping it gets harder and harder…sort of like a roller coaster that won’t stop or a ferris wheel that has no brakes and keeps on spinning.

If you have a credit card that you’ve charged to the limit and are paying interest on the money, I encourage you to set a new mindset. Say, “I have enough money to pay off my credit card debt.” Pay off 20% of what you owe plus $20.00 every month until you have it paid in full. Don’t borrow any more, until it is paid off. Say to yourself, “I have the money to pay the full amount I charge on a credit card before the next payment is due.” This will keep you from having to pay interest on the money.

This problem is widespread. Almost the whole world has done this type of borrowing and now its way of payment has been pulled out from under its feet.  You need to have the courage to live within your means, to empower yourself to have an abundance of everything that you need.

When you are good stewards with your money, God rewards you with more. Ask and you shall receive. Believe and it will be given to you.

What are your beliefs? If they are not getting you the results you want, change the words. Ask in abundance. Take action to prove you are a good steward of all that God has given you. Be thankful for all that you have.  I believe that action equals satisfaction. Action leads to satisfaction. Take a little step towards your new belief. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few words in your mind will make. The changes in your mind create the energy for you to do things differently and to make a positive difference in your own life.

I pray that you have an abundance of everything that you need and want.

Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Never Give Up
Change the words you’re saying to yourself
Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2012 Joan Y. Edwards

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16 thoughts on “Think in Abundance”

    1. Dear Nea,
      Thanks for writing. It’s good to hear from you. Thanks for saying it was a good blog on credit and being a good steward. I hadn’t thought about a children’s book. What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing with me.

      Have fun today enjoying being the sweet person that you are!
      Joan Y. Edwards

  1. Back in 2008 after a bad divorce I found myself alone in NYC and in lots of debt. I decided to take control and studied Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. Today I am debt free, have 8. Months of salary in savings and only use a credit card if I can pay it off each month. I feel great! So empowered!

    1. Dear Marcie,
      I am very proud of you. It definitely is empowering to be debt-free. God is proud of you, too. I’m not familiar with Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I checked a You-Tube video of him . He tells you to make a budget on paper. That’s a reality check of where you are. You set your goals to what you wanted and ultimately step-by-step you got to an abundance of money for your goals. Absolutely! Dave Ramsey showed you in concrete ways that you could envision in your mind and on paper how to do it. That is so great! Isn’t it interesting when both of us stopped blaming and both of us started searching for a solution, a solution came to us. The mind is so-0-o powerful. God gave us such a gift!

  2. Hi Joan,

    I agree that the power of positive thinking is essential. Everyone’s financial situation is different but some basics do apply to all. There are classes available today on financial responsibilty and budgeting. Some churches offer them. I’m glad because it’s certainly needed. Thanks for taking a stand on a critical need.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thanks for writing. It is indeed great that there are classes available on financial responsibility and budgeting. We don’t realize that our situations don’t actually control us, our belief systems do. Unfortunately, many of us have not been taught this. Our parents couldn’t teach us what they didn’t know. We can’t teach our children things we don’t know. That’s the reason we need to share what we learn with others, so they will know that they have the power to change their belief systems to create the world they want. Once you step into the positive mode, your energy will be self-generating as a gift from God.
      Enjoy your day being you!
      Joan Y. Edwards

  3. Dear Maureen,
    It’s good to see you. You’re right, we should Think BIG. What a great idea! It’s amazing how powerful our thoughts are!
    Do something fun for you today!
    Joan Y. Edwards

  4. Joan, great post. I believe what goes around, comes around.

    I have good traffic karma. I let people in when they are trying to make turns, even when traffic is heavy and I’m in a hurry. I don’t cut people off. And I believe that thinking positively about finding parking spots has helped me find parking even in Boston.

    Try it. You have nothing to lose but your angst.

    1. Dear Margaret,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your good traffic karma. That takes a lot of relaxing in heavy traffic. Yes, thinking that a parking place near where I want to be generally works out. Our minds create great things for us. You are right – What goes around, comes around.
      Do something fun to celebrate your gift of generosity in traffic.
      Joan Y. Edwards

  5. Thinking in abundance (great post, btw), for me, goes with being grateful for what I have. When I do both, I feel positive and can’t wait to move forward. What you think about…you bring about!

    1. Dear Sheri,
      Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your empowering comments. Being grateful for what you have and thinking in abundance put you in a wondrous positive energy field. Your brain wants you to be right. It goes to great extents to make what you believe come true. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. I’m really happy that you have experienced such a great feeling and are energized by your positive thoughts. I am very proud of you. Thanks for sharing with me and those who read my blog.
      Do something fun to celebrate your positive attitude and gratefulness.
      Joan Y. Edwards

  6. Dear Joan-
    Love this post! How true it is too! Your words of encouragement and wisdom have helped my “positive” thoughts today! Thank you for being a blessing today.

    1. Dear Brenda,
      I’m so glad you love this post and you believe it is true! I’m glad that my words of encouragement helped your positive thoughts today. Thank you for saying they were words of wisdom. You’re welcome for my post.
      May all goodness and peace surround you.
      Joan Y. Edwards

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