Dance Your Way to Cheerfulness

“Dance Your Way to Cheerfulness” by Joan Y. Edwards

Donna Earnhardt put a link on her blog that reminded me of how much I love to dance. She put a link to a You-Tube video of Marines doing the Cha-Cha Slide created by Chicago’s DJ Casper (Willie Perry aka Mr. C the Slide Man). Here’s a link to her blog post:

Here are links to dances that may get you on your way to cheerfulness. Even watching will make you smile. I had to get up and move when I watched them.

  1. “Cha Cha Slide” created by Chicago’s DJ Casper (Willie Perry aka Mr. C the Slide Man) and performed by Marines
  2. “Country Roads”
  3. “Do the Line Dance”
  4. “Electric Slide”- a four wall line dance set to the Marcia Griffiths‘ song Electric Boogie.
  5. “Foxy Girl”
  6. “Good Time” by Alan Jackson line dance:
  7. “Homey Twist”
  8. “Red Hot Salsa”
  9. “Up to Faith” Music and steps
  10. “Up to Faith” –  just the steps, no music
  11. “Wanda Woman”
  12. “Watermelon Crawl”
  13. “Watermelon Crawl” with steps

If Dancing isn’t your thing, it’s okay. Discover what lights up your eyes and warms your heart and do it.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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Do something fun to celebrate you and your life.

Joan Y. Edwards

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10 thoughts on “Dance Your Way to Cheerfulness”

    1. Dear Colline, Thanks for writing. I’m glad you love to dance, too. That’s great. They say that your body and mind get the same reaction if you’re visualizing yourself doing things. So Dance away in your mind. Dance day and night to your delight. I danced halfway down the list this morning. I’ll do the other half tomorrow! Dream! Love! Laugh! Never Give Up Joan Y. Edwards

  1. Hi Joan,

    After a hard day of painting bedrooms for our home remodeling project, I appreciated listening to Alan Jackson and watching others line dance. Now, I feel revived but I still think I’ll sit the next one out.

    Linda A.

    1. Dear Linda,
      My goodness! You did work hard painting bedrooms for your home remodeling project. I’m glad you’re making progress. It’s good that watching the line-dancers and listening to Alan Jackson revived you! You deserve to sit the next one out!
      Do something fun to celebrate your progress on your remodeling!

      Joan Y. Edwards

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