43 Paths to Less Stress

“43 Paths to Less Stress” by Joan Y. Edwards

43 Paths to Less Stress

1. Get up on time so you can start the day without panic or rushing.

2. Pray. Thank God for all the blessings he has given you from the time you were born until the present day. Be thankful for who you are and what you have. Be thankful for the people in your life.

3. Read your main goal aloud. Get excited and see a picture of it coming true.

4. Say “No,” to projects that do not fit into your time schedule, or that compromise your mental health.

5. Delegate tasks to capable others. Let them do it their way, as long as the job is done adequately.  For instance, if you want people to fold your towels. Let it be okay, if they fold them over a different way than you do.

6. Sing your favorite song.

7. Simplify and get rid of any clutter in your life. Use Feng Shui to bring happy and vibrant energy into your home. Give clothing, furniture, and other items that are no longer used to Goodwill, the Kidney Foundation, or AmVets. They will put these things to good use. Your house will have energized because it is not crowded with things you don’t use. As a man told people on the Oprah show a few years ago, “If a dress you bought last year, still has the tag on it, you can safely give it away.”

8. Allow extra time to do things. Get projects completed 24 hours ahead of schedule. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Do the thing and the energy will come to do the thing.” So don’t procrastinate. Start on it. The energy, power, and creativity will come from God and his universe to complete the job.

9. Start 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to get where you’re going. That way you’ll feel relaxed and proud of yourself when you arrive.

10. Do three easy chores or projects first. The energy and good feeling of accomplishment from them will lead you to start and finish a hard one. Now repeat the process, three easy ones, then a hard one.

11. Take one day at a time. Sometimes you have to go one minute at a time. Fill yourself with an image of making it. Get excited about it. Be thankful for the little things you have at this moment. Accept yourself and others as you are at this moment.

12. Let go of worries, concerns, and anxiety. If you can’t do anything about a situation, send acceptance and love to everyone and everything  involved. Realize that you can’t control others or situations. Let it go. Look at all the positives. Be thankful. You can’t always control yourself, either. Accept that you’re human and may make mistakes. Do the best you can. Let that be good enough for you. If God is happy with you, it doesn’t matter what other people think.

13. Plan a budget. Live within it. Use credit cards only if you can pay it all off before the due date. This way you don’t get charged interest.  Interest is costing you money that can be better spent. I learned this the hard way. Be wise.

14. Pay off your debts. When you pay off the people to whom you owe money, God considers you a good steward of your money. He will give you more.

15. Have backup Plan B, in case Plan A doesn’t work. Have an extra car key in your pocketbook, an extra house key at the neighbor’s, extra cans of soup. Go to Plan C, D, and E if necessary. During my life, I had to go to Plan Z one day. Be flexible.

16. Put $20.00 in a savings account every week. Keep putting money in that account. Don’t spend any of it for ten years. Only spend the interest you’ve earned.

17. Put $20.00 in an account every week to use for unplanned expenses and emergencies.

18.  When you’re upset or think you’re so much better than anyone else, don’t talk. Keep quiet. Bite your tongue, if necessary. This will save you a lot of embarrassment. It’s hard to take back words after they leave your mouth.

19. Do something fun to celebrate you each day.

20. Carry a Bible, inspirational book, or puzzle book to read or work while waiting in line.

21. Exercise daily.

22. Eat right: fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, 1% milk, and drink plenty of water.

23. Organize everything in your house, yard, and car with its own space and place.

24. Once a day listen to music, a motivational speaker, or watch movies that you believe will educate and/or motivate you to improve the quality of your life.

25. Write your thoughts and ideas down in a journal. Keep one by your bed. Carry one with you wherever you go.

26. Find time to be alone every day.

27. Having a problem?  Don’t wait. Talk to God right away. Your faith in God’s help will lead you to a peaceful solution. Your vision of a solution will lead you to one you’ll like.

28. Make friends with Godly people who overcome obstacles and maintain their health, wealth, and relationships with positive thoughts, emotions, and actions.

29. Keep a list of your favorite inspirational scriptures and quotes near your kitchen phone. You can read them to callers in trouble. You can read them after you talk with someone whose situation made you anxious or sad.

30. Remember even when you’re close to despair, God has a plan that will bring goodness and mercy to everyone involved. “Thank you, God. I love you and appreciate you.”

31. Laugh. It’s healing. When you can laugh at yourself, it is even more healing.

32. Develop an accepting attitude. Anger hurts the one holding it physically and emotionally. Let it go. What’s in the past is done, over, finished. Accept it really happened. This will free you and the other person. With no strings pulled in one direction or another, everyone who is involved is calm and relaxed. They will be able to discover, instinctively, what to do to solve the problem. They will be able to figure out a solution that will keep the same experience from happening again.

33. When someone upsets you, pray for them. Pray for yourself. Be thankful for something about them. Be thankful for things about yourself. This will change your focus and give you positive energy  to solve the problem.

34. Talk less; listen more. My Granddad Meyer didn’t talk very much. I asked him, “Granddad, why don’t you talk much? He answered, “When I listen, I know what I know and I learn what the other person knows. That makes me smarter.” I thought that was an interesting statement. If you think you’re talking too much, you probably are. Ask the other person a question. Give them time to answer. Follow up with another question. Sit quietly and see what happens.

35. Take time to enjoy your home. The flowers around your house give beauty. The birds in the air sing songs for you. The rabbits hop along your lawn for your entertainment. Bloom where you are planted. Enjoy being you at this moment wherever you are.

36. Do something to help someone else that they can’t do for themselves. Help them without expecting them to do anything in return for your service. God will reward you. Good things will come to you from sources known and from sources unknown.

37. Expect good things. You are a winner. You can do whatever your mind can envision. If you can see a picture of it in your mind, you can create it. Ask and you shall receive. Believe. Your faith will create your vision and make it real.

38. Think in abundance. You have an abundance of time, money, love, attention, relaxation, work, play, creativity, shelter, food, water, transportation, gasoline, friends, family.

39. Focus on what you want.

40. Fill yourself with positive emotions: excitement, happiness, love.

41. Go to bed on time.

42. Read over your goal. Get excited because you see it a reality in your head.

43. Pray. Thank God for all your blessings of the day.

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Never Give Up

Joan Y. Edwards



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2 thoughts on “43 Paths to Less Stress”

  1. Thanks for the terrific list. #18 reminds me of a picture book called Big George: A Shy Boy Who Becomes President by Anne Rockwell ( I hope I have this correct). George didn’t like to have conversations due to his shyness, but when he was angry too many words flowed and ones he regretted later. He had to learn to overcome his shyness and hot temper. If he could do it and later be sought out to be president, there’s hope for us all.

    Thanks Joan!
    Linda A.

    1. Dear Linda,
      I’m glad you liked my list. That’s a neat story about Big George by Anne Rockwell about George Washington. Cool. I’ve had a few words flow out that I wish had remained inside this mouth of mine, too. Thanks for sharing great information about #18 to make it more meaningful.
      Do something good to celebrate your sweet self today!
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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