Joy Acey Says Pub Sub Works


“Joy Acey Says Pub Sub Works” by Joan Y. Edwards

It’s time to fill Your Writer’s Bag of Success with Submissions on the next third Friday to come around. You may say, “I’m too busy. Honor yourself. Take the time to submit at least one submission before the next month ends. Let this be your gift to yourself.

I am happy to announce that on November 23, 2010, Joy Acey wrote the following:

“Hey Joan,

It worked!  I offered to read a poem for the local community radio station and they asked me to come in and record it.  I went last night and had a ball.  I was wowed watching the announcer digitally edit out my submitted beginning on one word.  I learned so much from this experience.  I even got to record my counting Christmas poem.  And as I was leaving they gave me a copy of one of the poems on CD with the announce and closing on it. Thank you for 3rd Friday.  It certainly helped me. JOY.”

Joy Acey’s Christmas poem was aired on the radio station KXCI  91.3 on Dec. 24th, 26th, 28th, and 29th, 2010. It was a great experience for Joy and all the listeners.

I hope you’ll join Pub Subbers. Our goal commitment is to submit an article, poem, puzzle, devotion, illustration, short story, picture book, chapter book, middle grade novel, young adult novel, adult novel, play, song, or movie to a publisher on the third Friday of each month for a whole year.

If you haven’t submitted lately, spend the next three weeks getting your creative work ready to send off. Start today to say, “I can do it.” Let me hear you shout, “Yes, yes. I can do it. I have the power to do it. I CAN DO IT.”

Thank you for reading my blog.  Good luck in publishing your work.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards


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6 thoughts on “Joy Acey Says Pub Sub Works”

    1. Dear Kelly,
      Thanks for stopping by and being happy for Joy. You’re welcome for the great advice. I hope the three-week process works for you and helps you get published!
      Do something good for yourself today!

  1. Congratulations Joy on the reading of your poetry on air. How exciting! It was good of you to let Joan know that PubSub3rdFri worked for you.

    I love that this post appears regularly to remind me to submit. The tips are a handy reference also.

    Thanks Joan, for this generous Christmas gift that comes all year long.

    Linda A.

    1. Dear Linda, Thanks for stopping by to congratulate Joy on her poetry reading on the radio. It’s great to receive a “YES.” You’re welcome for the PubSub posts.

      Have a Flip Flap Floodle Day!

      Joan Y. Edwards

  2. Joan,
    What a bundle of great information. Thanks for the present and all the goodies you send along to us all year long.


    P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Thanks for the good wishes.

    1. Dear Joy,
      I am very happy and proud for you. You believed in yourself, you sent out a submission, and you received a “YES.” You’re welcome for the information. It was my pleasure. Good luck in publishing your work!

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