Food Brings You Closer to God

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“Food Brings You Closer to God” by Joan Y. Edwards

Max Lucado wrote a clever article entitled “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread:” He said God gives you items to eat to build certain strengths he wants you to have. Of course, Max wasn’t only talking about real food.  He was talking about life experiences.

I heard a woman preacher while visiting my sister, Judith (God rest her soul), in the state of Washington give a great sermon. She brought three foods: one for a regular day; one for a bad day; and one for an extraordinarily great day with blessings everywhere. I combined her ideas and Max Lucado’s. Here is my interpretation.

For me,

A bad day is a  Fishwort Day.
A regular day is a  Green Beans Day.
An extraordinary day with blessings everywhere is a Rutabaga Day.

Choose the food for your three kinds of days. Use a real one, a plastic model, and/or a picture of one to help you visualize it.

God wants you and me to use his wisdom, grace, and blessings to turn bad days into good days.  Even if you don’t particularly like a certain food or day, you can appreciate something about it. Personally, the sound of the name of the food can turn you on or off. I love to say Rutabaga:  I never realized that Rutabaga is another name for a Turnip. Roundish with a few strips of purple. If I had a Rutabaga day, it would definitely be good. Everything would be going my way.

For a bad day, what about Devilfish and Dragonfish.  You’ve had days when you were barely dragging and perhaps a dragonfish could put more fire and enthusiasm in your life. I think a Devilfish day would be one like the day when the devil tempted Jesus.  God wants you to turn to him on all of your days. He wants you to say, Psalm 118: “This is the day the Lord has made. Let me rejoice and be glad it is.”

Think about your experience today.  Would it be a good day, a bad day, or an extraordinarily great day?

My challenge to you is to make the best of today and every day in your life.  Change your attitude and look for ways to appreciate the value of everything God sends your way.  It is your choice of how you view your day. You can choose to look at and focus all your attention on the fishwort, smelly part of our day.  You can also look for things to appreciate. You can search for the beauty that you may have overlooked.

Name ten reasons you are thankful. It will help decrease your anxiety.

Pray for God’s wisdom and mercy. It will help raise your hope.

Look for solutions. Take Action. Action lessens your out of control feelings.

Accept yourself as you are. Accept your day as it is. Accept others as they are. Do something good for yourself. Do something simple and fun. Then help someone do something they cannot do for themselves. You will be filled with love, comfort, hope, and enthusiasm. In Psalm 23 David assures you that God (Goodness and Mercy)  shall follow you all of the days of your life. Each and every day of your life, God is right there with you. Talk with him. Ask his advice. God loves you very much.

Below are days with sample foods that could be your food from God for the day. Would you have to make adjustments, or would you be happy.  Look at things from a different perspective. Your life will be easier to swallow.

List of Vegetables

Monday Rutabaga, Grape, Corn Bread, Cupcakes, Milk, Trout

Tuesday Broccoli, Banana, Honey Wheat Bread,  Pumpkin Pie, Tea, Salmon

Wednesday Green Beans, Apple,  French Bread, Cookie Day MidWeek Surprise, Water, Tilapia

Thursday Carrots, Orange,  Pumpernickel, Rice Pudding, Coffee, Flounder

Friday Zucchini, Lemon,  Pita Bread, Chocolate fudge, Bass

Saturday Spinach, Peach, Sourdough Bread, Cake, Hot chocolate, Tuna

Sunday Beets,  Lettuce, Fig,  Biscuits, Ice Cream, Apple Cider, Catfish

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May God bless you in a special way today that convinces you that he loves you very much.

Never Give Up
 Flip Flap Floodle 

Joan Y. Edwards

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2 thoughts on “Food Brings You Closer to God”

  1. Hi Joan,

    This was clever. Some days we really do want what is good for us versus what we like. We actually crave it.

    If I had my way, I would not have rutabaga on any day, but especially not on my extraordinary day! LOL! Thank goodness everybody doesn’t like the same thing.

    Linda A.

    1. Dear Linda, Thanks for stopping by and saying my blog idea was clever. I love the sound of Rutabaga. It tastes pretty good with the turnip greens, too. I’m glad you saw the humor because you don’t like them at all. Laughter is good for you.

      Have a Flip Flap Floodle Day!


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