Look for Three Surprise Blessings Each Day

Mother Meyer, Mother Sue, and me in November 1970

Each day of your life God gives you thousands of blessings. I’d like for you to look for three to give special thankfulness.

My grandmother, Sue Bruffey, burned toast almost every day. She never wasted it. She scraped off the burnt parts and ate them. She told me with a twinkle in her eye, “When you eat charred toast, it will make you beautiful.”  Of course, I ate it so it would work its magic on me. I’m sure on the day she didn’t burn the toast, she was very thankful to God.  I definitely was appreciative of this surprise blessing. Thank you, Mother Sue for teaching me that when I don’t waste what I have, God gives me an abundance.  Thank you, God, for my abundance today.

My other grandmother, Margaret Meyer, had a great sense of humor, even when she discovered she had made a mess of things through her own mistakes. For instance, when she was leaving for church one day she picked up a can of air freshener to spray around her. Much to her dismay she had sprayed red paint all over her new coat. She was able to laugh about it. It was a big mistake. Yet, she was able to laugh. It is always a surprise blessing to me when I can laugh at the mistakes I make, no matter how big they seem in my mind. Thank you, Mother Meyer for teaching me to laugh at my mistakes. Thank you, God, for my sense of humor.

A third surprise blessing for me today is having people to share my thoughts and ideas on this blog.  I started out with 113 readers in October 2009 and during August 2010, I had 594 readers. On the days when I had no readers, I wrote another blog.  When I learned new things, I wrote in my blog. In case you’re interested in the breakdown, here are the figures: October 2009 113; November  75; December 179; January 2010 135; February 157; March 164; April 93; May 219; June 304; July 416; and August 594.  If something came to mind that might help people look in a different direction and keep going rather than give up, I would write about it. Since I am a writer, I started writing in particular about ideas and skills that help me keep going. I’ve hoped that in writing something that keeps me going, it might help others keep going, too. You are my third blessing surprise from God today. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you, God, for my gift of writing and encouragement you gave me to  share with others.

Look for three surprise blessings in your life today! If you would like, share one of your blessings, a question, or a resource  in the comment area.

Raindrops image from Rhian vK’s photostream Flicker Surprise Blessing from God

Thank you for reading my blog.

Joan Y. Edwards
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3 thoughts on “Look for Three Surprise Blessings Each Day”

  1. Thank you, Joan, for this beautiful post! Your wonderful blog is a blessing to me each time I read it! Also, I just saw the most gorgeous yellow and black spider on one of my gardenia bushes outside. I am now looking at that as a “surprise blessing.” Thanks for reminding me to stop in the course of my busy, busy days and recognize the blessings that God sends.

    1. Dear Becky, Thanks for writing. The yellow and black spider on one of your gardenia bushes does sound gorgeous surprise blessing. I’m glad my blog is a blessing to you! You are one of my surprise blessings today. Thank you. I am bowing humbly and thanking God.

      Have a Flip Flap Floodle Day!

      Joan Y. Edwards

  2. Hi Joan,

    I love your use of the power of three. God’s power of three, in this case. I have so many blessings. Thanking God for three surprise blessings will be something I’ll strive to do daily. Thank you!

    Linda A.

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