Ideas for Teens #2 for Children’s Liturgy


The following ideas come from Pastor David Gosnell, Baptist Minister in McCook, Nebraska.  If you want his email address, write and ask me for it.


1.  Pamphlet -  “Youth Time:  It Is Your turn to Make a Difference” from Partners in Ministry, PO Box 11366, Wilmington, DE   19850, (302)328-8430


2. Commercials changed to God’s sayings.  God's Commercials



3.  Youth:  How do any or all of the following authority figures affect you:

Father, Mother, School Principal, Coach, Sunday School Teacher, Crossing Guard:


4.  Quiz Questions John  Chapter 11  Ask students to quote John 11:35

What did Jesus say in John 11:35


5.  Spelling Bee with scripture words, such as: Lazarus, Bethany, and disciples  from John, Chapter 11.


6. Crossword Puzzles

7. Wordsearch Puzzles

8. Unscramble Words