Ideas for Teens #1 for Children’s Liturgy


1. Take the current TV shows and relate them to their faith.


"Let's Try to Make a Deal"  Resisting the deals of the devil 

"So you Are a Millionaire" "How to help a Millionaire Get into Heaven" 

"The Christian Idol" - Hyms for God Alone

"Days of Your Lives" the Apostles speaking

“When Your Family Fueds” how to talk with your parents, sisters, and brothers


2. Take the names of their textbooks and relate it to their lives


3. Have panel discussions....designate 4 experts....prayer, forgiveness, healing, action.  Let audience ask them questions....whatever the question,each of these people gives an answer promoting their topic.  I know a friend who is on drugs.  Panelist #1, what should I do.  I suggest you pray.  Panelist #2, Tell them to forgive themselves and others.  Panelist #3...Find people, food, and situations to heal your body. Panelist #4 Say No to Drugs.  Stay away from people who do drugs.


4. Have discussion groups with real life situations that you have read in the paper....what would they do?  Are they all talk and no action?  Take Christian action.   Pray.