Cycle B

Good News B27

Feast of the Pentecost 


John 20:19-23 New American Bible

or John 15:26-27 New American Bible followed by

John 16:12-15 New American Bible


John 20:19-23 Bible Gateway New International Version

John 15:26-27;John 16:12-15  Bible Gateway New International Version


"Receive the holy Spirit.”


The Holy Spirit helps us discover the truth. Have you ever heard two people arguing? One person says this is what happened. The other person says, no, it didn’t happen like that. Then he/she tells their version of what happened. If they ask the Holy Spirit to come and stay with them awhile, they will get to the truth of what really happened. Sometimes people remember just what they want to remember. They remember it as they wished it had happened.   Many times it helps to have a mediator. A mediator is someone who is not involved with the problem in any way. This person can see that the truth lies somewhere between what Person A said and what Person B said. Judges are blessed by the Holy Spirit. They can see what really happened. Because of this they are able to solve the problem. How to solve problems is called wisdom. If you are having any kind of problem, ask God to send the Holy Spirit to help you.   

God has taped everything you think, everything you do, everything you say in a big video tape in the sky. When your turn comes to die, you will stand at the pearly gates. St. Peter is going to show the video tape of your life. You will view it on a wide-screen television set. After viewing it, God will tell St. Peter yes or no to see if you get to enter Heaven. If there are a few places in your life, that you wish God would skip over and leave out of this video tape, you will get your wish because Jesus Christ died on the cross so that your sins will be forgiven.

Because of the Holy Spirit you will be led away from danger and evil. Because of the Holy Spirit you will have the wisdom to solve your problems and stay on God’s path. You will have the knowledge you need to stay away from evil. Wisdom and Knowledge are only two of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Click here to see all seven of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. If you use the gifts of the Holy Spirit, you will have these 12 additional gifts or fruits. Three of these are Joy, Peace, and Love. Then click here to see all 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  When you use your knowledge and wisdom to help others and to further your own love of God, you will grow in joy, peace, and love.

Sing along with me and ask God to send down the Holy Spirit, the Fire of His Justice. Click here to hear me sing: Send Down the Fire .wav.


Send Down the Fire

Author of Lyrics and Music Unknown



Send down the fire of your justice.

Send down the rains of your love.

Come send down the Spirit.

Breathe life in your people,

And make us the People of God.


Verse 1

Call us to be your compassion,

Teach us the song of your love.

Give us hearts that sing.

Give us deeds that ring.

Make us ring with the song of your love.


Verse 2

Call us to learn of your mercy.

Teach us the way of your peace.

Give us hearts that feel.

Give us hands that heal.

Make us walk in the way of your peace.


Verse 3

Call us to witness your Kingdom.

Give us the Presence of Christ.

May your holy light

Keep us shining bright,

Ever shine with the Presence of Christ.


Say the “Our Father.  Thank God for sending the Holy Spirit with his wonderful gifts. Ask God to help you to forgive others as he has forgiven you. Ask him to help you stay on the path of goodness and mercy and to help you stay away from evil. Ask him to help you stay on the path of truth.


“Our Father, who art in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.



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